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KandyPens Rubi, kandypens rubi for sale is an awful heap a similar like the phix from mlv, also, if you were searching for thing like, kandypens rubi for sale near me, where to buy kandypens rubi, then you are at the right place. there could also be one amongst these 1st rate amount to love just about it as there’s with case mods, most often. My selections veer within the direction of svelte, effectively concealable, compact devices that are no matter but tough to create use of and don’t need thus varied upkeep; the unit mod frameworks (open and shut) check each part on it summing up. Buy KandyPens Rubi. We have rubi kandypens available here at beautiful prices. Just give us your name if you placed your order with us and it will be replaced.

Furthermore, . The rubi itself, which incorporates a 280mah battery that might yield best significantly over 8w, is associate splendid sight. It, manifestly, bears a putting likeness to the juul, with its level frame, and stands a small amount bigger than four inches tall (or very over 100mm). simply the rubi doesn’t have a clear window on either the unit or the battery to enough check your e-juice degrees as a result of the juul will. If you dont have a kandypen rubi then you should probably get one from us. Due to the kandypens rubi review, it stans out from others this is one of he reasons why we have kandypens Rubi for sale.

The 1. 6ohm curl within the unit is fictitious from tempered tinny, and its wicks are wondrous jap cotton, that ensures AN exquisite tasting vape. You can search kandypens rubi reddit.  To fill the case, you actually eliminate the elastic plug on its aspect, that uncovers a decent sized fill hole. Also, while placing your order, indicate if you want kandypens rubi pods.


Here’s what you’ll get inside you Rubi package from KandyPens:

  •  KandyPens K-Vape Pro Battery
  • Micro-USB Charging Cord
  •  Wire Brush
  • Instruction Card
  •  Glass Mouthpiece




The ultimate style of the ok-vape gave customers three temperatures, however the k-vape pro adds one larger to the mix to hold a additional large vary of dry herb pride. Customers wanting a additional flavor-pushed session have to be compelled to utilize the 350 °f and 375 °f settings; those hoping to manufacture thick fume ought to confirm on the four 400 °f and 428 °f alternatives.


With a lately created glass mouthpiece, the k-vape prokeeps the type of your dry herb flawless—even on the most increased temperature existing. The dormant plan of the glass shields any outside flavors from incursive your fume and cools your out of this international from the warming chamber. Your package comes in its own kandypens rubi case


Conduction warming has a quick warm temperature up time, however with it comes the chance of combusting your material. Convection frameworks are first rate for season and assure no ignition, yet have a greater sluggish warm temperature up time. The dividers of the kandypens okay-vape pro warmth your dry herb until you begin to take a draw, at that point your attracts pull visitor over your fabric to complete the warming method.

The usage of your kandypens k-vape pro

Most importantly, The k-vape pro could be a easy dry herb vaporizer. To apply, begin via eliminating the mouthpiece and cargo your ground dry herb into the chamber and replace the mouthpiece. Click the energy button 5 times and therefore the tool can activate. Keep down the facility button to cycle through the four heat settings: 350 °f (yellow), 375 °f (green), four hundred °f (crimson), 428 °f (blue). Once you’ve chosen your temperature, the light-emitting diode gentle can blink to allow you to understand the ok-vape seasoned is heating. Once it stops blinking, you may begin to require your draw.

2 reviews for kandypens Rubi

  1. Heidi Ross

    Became my favorite immediately! Discreet, light, pods snap securely in, super easy to refill, just be careful with the little stopper, it can be easy to misplace. The hits are amazing & battery lasts a good amount of time on full charge (full charge in less then an hour) 5 Stars – Definitely

  2. Debbie Tanner

    I wish I got one of these a long time ago. So easy to fill and such a nice clean draw. Good battery too.

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