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kandypens Prism.

kandypen Prism – kandypen prism plus are super conservative and flaunting premium fume advent, kandypens prism is one amongst the stealthiest and high-quality wax pens to this point. the marginally larger relative of the kandypens prism, and is actually 10. 5 centimeters long, creating it properly concealable and pocket-accommodating.

in spite of its very little stature, kandypens prism+ produces the sizeable, severe tears that kandypens is assumed, with out leaving behind sneakiness. Waxy oil lovers will acknowledge the superb fume during a rush with out a hassle.

kandypens prism automizers.

Kandypens prism accompanies 2 propelled sprays: a double quartz pole with Ti curls And an ceramic ware coilless atomizer. For beautify chasers who want giant, pleasant-tasting hits, the artistic concentrates the elemental tastes and fragrances of wax concentrates while not creating smoke. calculate simple, pleasant tears that are agreeable and clean-tasting.

Also, The double quartz pole spray instead makes immense billows of effective fume. the 2 atomizers take advantage of waxy oils with therapeutic analysis materials and tight systems. So you can get both kandypens prism and kandypens prism plus from us.


Being among the top leading if not, the top leading vaping production company right now out there, kandypen Prism always hits us with a cool design worth the money spent to buy this baby. With one of the most reduced bureaucracy in the enterprise, kandypens prism plus gives one of the stealthiest.  Maximum journey-accommodating vaping encounters ever.

Also, The device can be covered up inside the client’s draw close, and might not hassle their pockets inside the middle of classes. Stunningly, kandypens prism plus would not forfeit fume nice for conservativeness, as we’ve visible in stealthy vapes. The exquisite battery and propelled atomizers make sure that, conveying kandypens’ trademark intense and clean tears.


More so, Kandypens prism+ highlights a robust 900mah battery with planned temps larger for the foremost well known waxy oils and vaping patterns. A elementary single capture manage makes flipping temperature steady, that proves to be helpful while vaping in a very rush.

The prism and battery is charged with the help of usb, creating it easy to govern up on-the-fly. The depth of the prism+ makes shockingly massive tears for such a surreptitious vape. What’s additional, the 900mah offers you loads of battery existence to preserve you vaping for the length of the day.

Kandypens prism could be a restricted discharge vape presenting the fantabulous of the two universes – clean and powerful fume and a surreptitious, positive vaping fancy. Best for waxy oil aficionados World Health Organization vape on their toes.

Box Contains.

Lifetime Warranty

Micro USB charger

Dual Quartz atomizer

Ceramic atomizer

Extra glass mouthpiece

Dab tool with key loop


The double quartz curls heat up quicker and convey larger nice fume than the ceramic, that conveys cooler, sander fume.

Furthermore, while the prism has 2 curls, each in each of that offers awful, but altogether distinctive, execution. The double quartz curls warmth up transient and convey large smoke and powerful style. However is also to a fault extreme for newbies.

The ceramic curls produces loaded, pleasant fume this is often cooler and milder than that created by  the quartz curls. You can buy kandypens Prism in canada from our shop

The two of them give you with four temperature picks to look over, going from 320°f up to 430°f. The temperatures of 350°f and 390°f to hit the sweet spot of sturdy fume and tight mists. the upper temperature settings give you with larger mists and harsher fume, notably with the double quartz loops.

The mouthpiece helps a large amount with higher temps as a result of it chills off the fume prior it arrives at your mouth. It what has more features a sprinkle watch therefore there’ll by no suggests that be any hot sputtering oil. Additional to that has primarily no draw obstruction, therefore respiration inside the fume is as straightforward as restful. Are you looking to buy kandypens Prism plus uk? order now from our shop.

kandypens Prism review

The presentation is that the equal among the prism and prism+, therefore relating to style first-rate they’re indistinguishable.

The large distinction—beside length—is battery life, the prism+ incorporates a 900 mah battery and also the prism has a 320 mah battery. No theories with admire to that one maintains going longer.

Also, The prism has associate degree side therein it’s able to create use of a lightning link port, which provides it to boot charging flexibility over its bigger relation.

More so, Each have bear potential, so you’ll maintain vaping while they’re charging. Thanks to kandypens Prism review you now know what you are getting from us.

It wont be an exaggeration saying, the kandypens prism and prism+ are the assorted satisfactory vape pens around. Furthermore, While not a doubt there are handfuls, if no longer plenty, maybe a unimaginable several vape pens obtainable.

However all matters being equal, these pick out out the thanks to stick out. A little of the explanations incorporate their call of precise atomizers and their swish arrange.


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