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kandypens oura

kandypens oura and most kandypens encompasses a ill fame of being one in every of the larger creative vape businesses and therefore the crystal, flaunting vape shop a additional grounded than-regular battery and artistic quartz basin, is its most up-to-date inspiration. returning in at spherical four crawls in tallness the kandypens crystal is outstanding for versatile vapers, and therefore the 900mah battery ensures you will consultation throughout the day while not energizing. The salt glass mouthpiece, innovative box curl arrange, and four temperature decisions work to supply you a threat to return upon each a part of your artefact.

kandypens crystal

KandyPens modified the standard curl configuration by setting a winding shaped loop beneath a layer of crystal, found at the bottom of the will shaped sprayer. Your material are going to be warm from the bottom and ne’er act with the warming element, guaranteeing pure fume every session. The pail vogue loop consolidates with a 100% salt glass mouthpiece to fully put off the type of your concentrate. air current stream and low-draw obstruction convey voluminous mists on any temperature setting. You can also buy kandypens oura


The kandypens crystal homes associate degree excellent 900mah battery, associate degree tons larger energy supply than most versatile vapes of this length. A whole charge will convey daily of sessions, creating the crystal a superb want for listen customers UN agency respect day trips or have extended drives. The 4v alternatives at the crystal are 2. 6v, 3. 0v, 3. 6v, and 4. 2v. Taste-organized vape purchasers may be cozy at the 2. 6 and 3. 0 settings, while those making an attempt to seek out huge, thick mists can respect the 3. 6 and 4.2 alternatives. The crystal’s quartz pail faithfully conveys powerful flavor, even on higher voltage settings. moreover, we offer the best kandypens oura


  • KandyPens Crystal
  • One extra glass mouthpiece
  • Dab tool
  • USB charging cable
  • Black velvet pouch

How to Use

You inhale from your kandypen mouthpeice. (But this is something you are should already be aware of).

Open your kandypen crystal mouthpiece to discover the quartz bowl.

Dab your wax into the kandypen crystal bowl, afterward replace the mouthpiece.

To turn on the kandypen crystal, you have to press the power button 5 times.

If you want to activate the sesh mode on your kandypen crystal, press the power button twice.

Cleaning and Maintenance

The quartz bowl implies that cleansing the crystal is genuinely straightforward. On the other hand, On the off hazard that there’s buildup left completed, at that issue you’ll flip the crystal to its most noteworthy putting to eat it off. Be that because it is ready to, this will placed on out the battery at the off hazard that you would like to try to to it multiple instances in succession. you’ll likewise utilize a liquor wipe to induce out the chamber when a session, as the bowl remains heat. Also buy kandypens oura


The quartz bowl of the crystal warms up in haste therefore periods will get rolling in a very snap. you’ll be able to get plenty of sessions in succession, spherical twelve reality be suggested, from regarding zero. one gram of wax. However, the mouthpiece can begin to induce heat once associate degree any range of came to once more periods however that isn’t an issue with more and more easygoing use. kandypens oura

Vapor Quality

The crystal has every a quartz bowl and a pitcher airpath, therefore the fume exceptional is that the absolute most perfect that you just will get during a vape pen. each the bowl and also the airpath are made the usage of nonpartizan substances that preserve the fume quality pure and defend all of the flavour notes. The crystal has four voltage settings which i got the fine flavor from the 2 center settings. I likewise got respectable mists from those settings too. Anyhow, at the off probability that you would like massive mists, at that time you have to be compelled to wrench the crystal to its most elevated putt, nonetheless be installation to lose a district of the style thus.

Draw opposition is low therefore obtaining a charge out of the fume is straightforward in delicate of the reality that inhaling from the mouthpiece is nice and simple. The crystal offers probably the simplest wax vaping that you just could get from a vape pen.



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