kandypens MIVA 2

Kandypens size and conveyability of the miva 2 are the most things you’ll see regarding the miva 2. more so, It’s barely miracle that the unit is therefore reduced, seeing that it’s +/ – one degree movable temperature controls and a sophisticated oled show rather like the massive young guys. you can’t disregard the double use issue either.

Heres what you should be getting from the box.

kandypens miva two audit weed vaporizer

similarity with dry herb + concentrate

glass mouthpiece – chills off fume/jam season

half of and 1/2 (convection/conduction) warming framework – warms herb uniformly

huge worker run – is balanced from 350-430°f

clients financial gain via quite an few all-mains manipulate and luxury picks with this moment vaporizer, which incorporates a complicated show that means the prevailing temperature and battery existence… a component dry herb vapes this length once in a very whereas contain.

Design of the KandyPens Miva 2

Kandypens miva a pair of survey weed vape the kandypens miva a pair of video games a sophisticated tasteful with gold accents associated an oled screen. The kandypens miva 2 is obviously planned with all the insufficient size. The electricity and temperature controls are some issue however troublesome to induce entry to and utilize, and therefore the oled show is clean and clear. At three. 45 x 1. 47 x zero. 7 inches, the miva a pair of can work serenely in your grasp and slips expeditiously into any pocket.

Also, The three. 45″ tallness compares with the same old mouthpiece–the wide glass mouthpiece adds quite one crawls to the miva a pair of and makes it less pocket neighbourly but the improved fume compensates for it, and you will evacuate the mouthpiece for transport. The miva 2’s very little size creates it associate exceptional overall performance make use of handy vaporizer, particularly for during a rush.

Futhermore, On the off probability that you prefer to form use of the glass mouthpiece, at that time you will sure take that with you severally and append it once it’s vaping time. each mouthpiece connects and segregates rapidly/effectively so as which will not have a sway on your stream. Moreover, The miva a pair of likewise has new gold embellishments, that add a piece of some issue to the gadget’s fashionable.

Using the KandyPens Miva 2

Most importantly, The kandypens miva 2 depends of skillfulness therefore it’s terribly clean to form use of whether or not your call is dry herb or wax, here’s the style you begin.

Using it For Dry Herb:

Firstly, Expel the mouthpiece, fill the herb chamber around 75%, and supplant the mouthpiece.

Secondly, push the power button a total of 5 times to control up the Miva 2.

Thirdly, With the arrows, you have the options of choosing the temperature which suits you best.

Fourthly, Use the mouthpiece to inhale and have fun

Using it For Wax:

Firstly, Take off the mouthpiece, embed the concentrate chamber, include rice-sized dab, and supplant mouthpiece.

Next, Turning it on is as easy as pressing the power button 5 times.

Also, The arrows guide you on the temperatures, so you just choose that which you prefer.

finally, Enjoy you vaping.

Features Of The kandypens MIVA 2

Loose bi-level aluminum grinder blanketed! ($20 esteem)

loose black leather-based case/belt clip included! ($40 esteem)

miniaturized scale digital transportable ceramic vaporizer for herb and concentrates

convection/conduction hybrid technology™

wax cup covered (patent pending)

2200 mah lithium-polymer battery

greater brilliant, extra colorful oled show

considerable ceramic chamber (. 5 gram restrict)

300-435 f diploma temp manipulate (extra than eighty settings)

keen reminiscence generation™ (recollects your final temp putting)

five minute shutoff (safety characteristic)

miniaturized scale usb charging port

lifetime assurance



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