kandypens gravity -Kandypens gravity for sale

Kandypens gravity could be a wax based totally vape pen planned mutually of the most advanced and propelled pens as of currently handy within the market. In addition, the gravity is created and made to state with a district of its most gift day highlights like temperature managed battery, atomizers quartz, and doughnut and it’s miles all around completed with a noir-fashion lustre. Over that’s a life-time guarantee to assure that your mission on the vaporizer isn’t lost.

Kandypens gravity for sale

In addition, Hands down, this could be the best vaporizer up to currently. It sparkles while matched with the fresh lower o, temperatures on the Kandypens gravity battery. The preliminary occasionally any hits invariably are loaded with beautify with zero dangers of overwhelming the oil. The plate works fabulously of appropriating the heat equally. The plate within the chamber is about low enough to crumble any oil that creates it to the bottom. Bunches of worth and fantastic style from this one.

Kandypens gravity mouthpiece

To begin with, this is a substitution mouthpiece for the gravity wax pen vaporizer from kandypens. Furthermore, the maximum recent version highlights a lustrous mouthpiece, a sandblasted darkish completion, and an air carb which invigorates you extra power up your rips.

Kandypens gravity heat settings

Also, The kandypens gravity vaporizer pen accompanies four totally exceptional temperature settings, in contrast with the universe vape pen that totally gives 3 temperature picks. The gravity base brand and power catch can gleam totally remarkable colorings demonstrating that temperature is by and by set. The hues and their character temperatures are: 300F – pink, 350F – red, 400F – green, 450F – Blue (which stands out as the highest heating setting.

kandypens gravity coil

You are the master of how you want to vape and perhaps enjoy the experience with this pen… However, use the quartz loop you wish blows of excessively yummy fume from short puffs, and create use of the discharged curl to amplify effectiveness and smoothness at identical time as taking long, sluggish pulls.

Kandypens Gravity content

  • Small Instruction Card
  • lifetime guarantee
  • Battery charger
  • gravity battery
  • Ceramic atomizer
  • Dual Quartz atomizer
  • Alcohol wipes
  • Dab tool
  • Gravity storage case

Kandypen gravity manual.

This is designed for wax and general concentrates. It comprises a ceramic atomizer for low hits and the Dual quartz atomizer for bigger hits with lots of smoke. However, the dual quartz atomizer burns the product (concentrate) faster. It has 4 temperature setting to provide you with an ever satisfying vapour.

Decide on which atomizer you want to use and attach it to the battery.

More so, Using your dabbing tool, fill the wax in your atomizer. Be careful while placing it at the Dual quartz atomizer because you could end up damaging the coils. In addition, After placing your wax, fit the mouthpiece back in.

Most importantly, Pressing the power button or K sign logo turns 5 times consecutively sets your device up and running.

Press and hold the power button to start enjoying your session.

Conclusively, pressing the power button 3 times changes the temperature settings to your favorite.



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