kandypens galaxy

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kandypens galaxy

At the purpose once it comes right down to buying a compact vaporizer, kandypens galaxy Vaporizer is perhaps the {simplest|the most effective} alternative on the off probability that you simply are out there finding out a mid-estimated and too simple to utilize wax pen. it’s calculable merely like another wax pen vaporizer but includes styling and toughness like no other. Likewise, you may get a condition of the sprayer innovation, a period of time guarantee and battery with TC work simply to create relevance one or two.


This is a ultra-compact wax vape pen that’s regarding the scale of a pen. It’s conservative and lightweight and effectively fits during a shirt or jeans pocket. It consists of a shone sparkle and bright veneer shell. The galaxy vape pen in addition is on the market in five shades: turquoise, purple, white, dark and element red. The fume pen is comprised of three sections like the battery, the double quartz pole spray and also the mouthpiece.

The mouthpiece is huge and conveys the thickest fume with each pressure. each battery is 510 set up and well-known to folks that have visible any kind of ecig or vaporizer antecedently. We have quality Kandypens here.

Furthermore, It activates and off with five short snaps, that is superb on the grounds which you in no approach accidentally vape your concentrates at the same time as the pen is for your pocket. Amazingly, The usb charger charges the battery for just about an hour . It endures a protracted time for the surprisingly minimum length of the battery. This vape pen may be ok for center of the road to practiced vaporizer customers, fledglings may verify the metal and quartz bar a bit immoderately fragile for stacking. Buy kanypens near you from our shop.

How to use

Firstly, Unscrew the top mouthpiece from the battery.

Secondly, Use your dab tool to insert wax in your preferred atomizer.

Thirdly, Screw the mouthpiece to the battery to link them together.

Rapidly click on the power button 5 times to turn on device.

Press the power button 3 times to switch to preferred temperature.

Press and hold power button to inhale and enjoy your session.

Rapidly click the power button 5 times to end session.

Kandypen Galaxy box content

Lifetime warranty (on battery)

Instruction card

Dab tool

Quartz atomizer


Kandypen galaxy Mini case

kandypens galaxy battery

It’s far continuously respectable to have manage of the temperature of your vape pen. The kandypens vape pen highlights 3 temperature settings that are set via clearly the little bit of a catch. On the point whilst you turn on the battery it is certainly set to 350ºf and the led mild behind the seize is lit red. Without a doubt click the k button more than one instances fast and the light will change to green, which implies that it is set to 390ºf. After three regularly short snaps of the capture the light will exchange to the last temperature, set aside with the aid of blue and placing the piece to 430ºf. Various herbs disintegrate at numerous temperatures so it is honestly critical to have a battery match for placing in any occasion three temperature controls. We have quality Kandpens for sale here.


At the factor whilst you’re hoping to clean the battery you will basically rneed a purifying wipe and a q-tip. Sanitize the battery where you through and huge hold and apply a q-tip to the stringing and wipe out the residue and dirt that gathers. Be careful not to use cleaning solution for the k button.


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