kandypens C-BOX

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kandypens C-Box

Kandypens C-Box delivers differently to vape stylish from one in every of the leading vaporizer brands within the world, KandyPens. Furthermore, The KandyPens C-Box is a straightforward to use concealer box battery with a swish style that delivers a smooth and flavorsome vaping expertise. Not solely is that the C-Box compatible with e-liquids and oils, however it absolutely was additionally specifically designed and built for tanks that have higher voltage necessities.

Moreover,The smooth structure of the KandyPens C-Box is getable in an exceedingly ramification of colorings and highlights single capture hobby, that makes initiation and temperature flipping a breeze. The ground-breaking 390 mah powered lithium-particle battery accompanies a life assure and is match for holding a fee long enough on the thanks to acknowledge vaping throughout the day. shop KandyPens C-Box

Also, Variable voltage permits you to regulate your vaping involvement in four advanced settings to offer you the simplest mists. Voltage picks incorporate blue (3. 4v), green (3. 6v), yellow (3. 8v), and crimson (four. 0v). In addition, The c-box battery likewise maintains your cartridge enclosed up for occasions if you have got to preserve your vaping careful.

Moreso, Such as a helpful KandyPens C-Box 510-strung battery, the kandypens c-container seasoned fits tanks or prefilled cartridges up to 10. 55 mm—conveying you an unrivaled vape enjoy. Also, This improvement incorporates two attractive connectors that be a part of correctly in your fluid pay attention cartridge or tank. For instance, Flaunting 4 variable voltage settings (2. 3v, 3. 0v, 3. 6v, four. 2v), the c-box pro gives you a threat to pick among season wealthy fume and generous cloud technology.

c box kandypens

Firstly, Concealer container battery kit for liquid and oil tanks

Secondly, explicitly designed and engineered for better voltage requirement tanks

Thirdly, just 3 inches tall

Fourthly, ideal with < nine. 6mm diameter tanks

Fifthly, attractive threaded adapters blanketed (2 sets)

next, it has a superb 390 mah battery

Also, it has a variable voltage (blue 2. 3v, inexperienced three. 0v, yellow 3. 6v, pink four. 2v)

510 threaded

Furthermore, it has a miniaturized scale usb charging port

Moreso, the KandyPens C-Box is carefully assembled

Most importantly, lifetime assurance

created and designed within the u. S.

(glass tanks excluded


  • 1x KandyPens C-Box Pro
  • 2x Magnetic Adapter
  • no glass tank

How Portable is the kandypen C-Box?

It is terribly little! Scarcely larger than your regular lighter, it’s equipped to maneuver basically where with you. truth be told, you’re probably attending to miss it’s even to your pocket anyhow.

The KandyPens C-Box tank is disguised and shrouded offers you comfort in its capability to face to unplanned falls. no one enjoys a disheveled cartridge!

In addition, it is very easy to use. In as much as it doesn’t have a button which you will have to draw in Oder to activate it, all you have to do is hold down the button to inhale

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  1. Sofia M.

    Unfortunately, the device I ordered didn’t fit the product I already had at home, but you were able to help me out with finding the right product. Definitely some of the best customer service I’ve ever received. Thank you!

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