Peaches and cream

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Dabwoods is a distinguished cartridge emblem, regarded for being the primary woodlands enhance vape cartridge. Despite the reality that individuals mistake this agency for dankwoods, dabwoods is its personal employer principally selling vape cartridges and product. Those cartridges can also provide easy hits and a nice high, but there isn’t actual facts on the employer to be found at the web. They do have an Instagram account.

Product Overview.

Firstly, the dabwoods design is well above average and has a good vibe to it. It has a nice slick packaging which somehow keeps it simple while looking very attractive.  Its wooden mouthpice gives the Dabwoods cartrides that extra look which stands out among other brands.

The Oil quality is not that bad but its not that good either. It stands somewhere just above average and  its quite good considering the price which is not that expensive.

Talking about the strenth of the oil, its potency is of about 85% plus but while hitting it you dont really see the great difference with other brands which would make it stand out. But overall, it has a good well above average strength and could easily score a 6.5 .

The taste is good and it has a variety of flavors you could try out for different experiences.

The efficiency is also very good and it has a good number of puffs to it. Again it doesn’t hit that 10 mark but hey it its pretty good and hangs around 7. This easily keeps this cartridge above many others in the industry right now.

Dabwoods cartridge turns out to be a decent cartridge. The oil is fairly dark and thin, but the cartridge itself provides smooth hits. Although the cartridge was alright, Its oil is heavier than others like mario carts , just to say the least.

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