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To begin with,the has made dabwood cartridges hard to find, especially dabwoods real carts. In addition, We are premium suppliers of top notch vape cartridges at very good prices. Every package bought from us can be replaced in case it gets damaged or the quality isn’t up to vaping standards. also check our other available dabwoods carts for sale not just dabwoods Russian cream cartridge. They are a little different from the Dankwoods, Dankvapes, Platinum vape, supreme carts, Mario carts and the rest.

dabwoods russian cream cartridge

Initially made by Dutch raisers Serious Seeds, Russian cream is a cross of two incredible strains, White Widow and AK-47. An indica-predominant crossover, it won the High Times Cannabis Cup “Best Overall” in 1996 and was for a period thought about the most grounded strain on the planet. Russian cream is an amazing strain and the dabwoods Russian cream cartridge lives up to standard. So that’s why we have dabwoods Russian cream cartridge.

Furthermost, the Russian cream is an incredibly fragrant plant, possessing a scent like sweet foods grown from the ground even in its vegetative cycle. With a flavor that is smooth and fiery with undercurrents of skunk and earth, White Russian’s high is very cerebral, however can prompt couch lock when over-reveled.


Peaches and cream.
Honey Berry
Russian Cream.

dabwoods review

When I was a mere lad, my father warned me of the dangers of marijuana. He told me, “If I catch you stealing any of MY pot, I’ll kick your scrawny little ass!” My father was an angry drunk with Vietnam flashbacks. He could have used some Russian Cream. However, with Russian in the name, he would have thought it was some kind of Commie plot to steal his ditch weed.

But he’d have been wrong: Russian Cream is a fluffy little cloud of THC goodness populated by ponies and Care Bears and other cute anthropomorphic animals that Furry furiously masturbate to. This strain has a smooth take off and a high that is mellow, relaxing and creativity-inspiring. Hell, I took three hits of that shit before I wrote this and you’re still reading it! So remember, White Russian: It’s not just the cocktail you order to impress your gay friends anymore.

High quality shit, you can feel that it consists a lot of THC in the dabwoods carts so even when you have a high tolerance, it still gets you high for like 2-3 hours. You can feel the relax and the big dose of happiness. Also, listening to music sounds great.

It has a nice heady high, yet makes me move. If I’m not moving, my foot is tapping a beat. A very functional but melow strain. Drove past the grocery store and turned around three times because the music was that good and it was beautiful out. Grab it! Made my own solvent free from Dabwoods carts


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